Tools, Resources and Messages.

This page will direct you toward starting out your new life in Christ.  Most importantly, learn how much God loves you. It's important to read God's Word, the Bible as well as to study it.  You'll also want to find a good church where other's who are God's children can pass God's love on to you by teaching and helping you.  In the meantime, there are excellent online messages and sermons you can listen to.  If one message doesn't speak to you right now, try another one or another of the websites linked. The below resources are designed for a new Christian and will be helpful to you even after you find a good church.  If you have questions or need help that you're not getting elsewhere, do e-mail us.

  1. Bible reading plan
  2. Bible study
  3. Answers to your questions
  4. Listen to online messages.
  5. Find a good church.


Personal Helps

  1. Anger
  2. Families
  3. Finances
  4. Handling Hard Times
  5. Marriage
  6. Parenting
  7. Relationships

God, Religions and in the church

  1. God - Learn about
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Jehovah Witness
  4. Mormons
  5. Other Religions
  6. Prosperity Gospel
  7. Women Pastors