For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

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If you're reading this, it is very possible God is calling you to be his child.  Even if you're not a Christian yet, it is profitable for you to learn more about God from the Bible, from Christians and by attending a good church. This site is dedicated to help you.


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The Bible is God's message to us today.  Many Bibles are direct translations and best for study.  Some are paraphrased for readability.

A free online bible for your computer, tablet or phone can be found at You can listen to it as well as read it online. also provides a great daily devotional and easy online reading plan just for people who want to learn more about God. Should you choose to read on your own, some books of the Bible are easier to read first. Some translations are more accurate than others.  


TV, Radio and online messages

   Sadly, many in the name of God use religion as a pathway to make money.  Whereas not everyone asking for donations during the program falls into this group, most do. You may never hear a plea for funds on any TV telecast for the below exceptions. While you're looking for a church and perhaps even after, you'll be able to watch or listen to Biblical teaching whenever you want.

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Basic Doctrines (Truths) of the Bible                                                             Dig Deeper

God is a Spirit and He created all things.

All of mankind has done wrong which has caused separation from a pure God.

God demonstrated His saving love to us through Jesus Christ who became man and is the only way to God.

Jesus Christ paid the price for the wrong of mankind by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

Those who accept his payment are saved by grace (receiving what we don't deserve) and become children of God



Finding a Church

The Bible teaches us to attend a church.

The word, "church" is a universal name.  Just as God is loving and good, Satan is evil and deception is Satan's #1 tool.  Now that you've become a child of God, Satan wants to handicap you by not letting you get fed. it is very important that the church you attend uses the Bible as the basis for truth. If the Bible isn't the basis, then the basis for truth is determined by man who is flawed.

Churches fall into a three general groups.

  1. Churches that believe that they must derive all truth about God from the Bible, God's Word.
  2. Some believe the basic truths of the Bible but give in to social pressures to not call wrong what the Bible clearly calls wrong.  For example, they are deceived in calling right, sex outside of marriage between a man and his wife. They condone abortion.  Some also teach that all Christians should be rich and without sickness. Consider that Jesus our perfect example, was homeless.
  3. As the Bible teaches, there are those who have been deceived and don't believe that Jesus as God, paid the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  Those are typically called cults. Many of the people in these churches are very nice. However, these churches use their church beliefs and at times other books as the basis for their belief.  Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses along with others fall into this category.

  In order to find a Bible believing church, you may need to look at a doctrinal statement or ask the office if any of their beliefs fit into group #2. 

Grace Church (which we are not affiliated with) put together a limited list of Bible believing churches who agree with Grace's doctrinal statement (see "NOTE" below). Whereas there are thousands of churches not on this list that are biblically sound, it may be helpful for you to see what denominations are NOT on the list. It may be best to carefully look at the beliefs of those churches.

NOTE:  A suggested modification of this otherwise excellent doctrinal statement is under the second "God the Son," paragraph 5, to remove the phrase "assumed the place of a Son."

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